June 2011
Turkey - Ephesus and Surrounding Area

The House of the Virgin Mary where Christians and Moslems believe Mary lived with John the Evangelist until her death
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The main street of Ephesus ends at the famous Library, but there is much to see along the way. Click either photo for more pictures.
The "Terrace Houses" of Ephesus, once the "condos" of rich Romans.
Now archeologists carefully excavate the area and reconstruct "jigsaw puzzles" to recreate life at that time
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The Selcut Museum
Many of the artifacts from Ephesus and surrounding area
are displayed here

At left:
Lunch in a Selcut restaurant close to the museum
Mosaic in the Selcut museum courtyard
During lunch we heard the "call to prayer" from the nearby mosque

At left is a model of the Temple of Artemis and
a drawing of the Basilica of St. John the Evangelist.
Below we see that only one column remains of the temple
that was once one of the wonders of the ancient world.
The once magnificent Basilica of St John is now a ruin
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The original location of his burial is still visited by pilgrims
and is the subject of legend.