March 2019
Venice Malta

Our introduction to Venice
The airport is on the mainland. Getting to our hotel at the Rialto Bridge
Destination: San Marco Square
We could have taken the water bus, but walking the city is part of the experience
St Mark's Square is the location of the Doge Palace
The residence of the Doge (chief of state) and the center of government
during the Venetian Republic (14th - 18th centuries)
The main entrance borders the Grand Canal and
opens to a magnificent courtyard

A Concert was our Evening Destination
"The Barber of Seville" was to be performed
at the Barbarigo Palace
We wanted to find the location while it was daylight.

We saw this beautiful church on the way

While the Rialto Bridge is the most famous, there are actually 4 bridges crossing the Grand Canal
and we walked across them all
Bridges over the Grand Canal
Neighborhoods of Venice
You must climb many steps to get from place to place
Everything must be delivered by boat
Finally it was time to use the local transportation system - the "Waterbus"
They run on a schedule like any bus system in any city of the world
Except not on roads but on canals
The Water Bus