Dad and Me in Brooklyn (1947 - 1956)
Plus a few more
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USS Philadelphia CL-41
After the war Mom & Dad settled in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn.
Dad walked to work at Hauck Mfg. Co

I'm 2 months old here in Prospect Park (August 1947)
My first Christmas in our 3 1/2 room apartment.
I still have many of those tree ornaments.
First time on the Merry Go Round
Either Prospect Park or Coney Island
Age 10 months
4th Avenue near 10th Street
Prospect Park again
Summer 1949
Easter, April 5, 1953 - Dad's 36th Birthday (About 10 years later he learned that he was really born on April 6th
Walking home from Prospect Park.
My new bike (Christmas 53). I still have that doll.
Christmas 1954
Dad always took me to visit the Navy ships when they docked in NY.
This is the aircraft carrier, USS Antietam.
New York City Hall in June 1964. Dad got to meet Mayor Wagner when I was presented a scholarship.
My Wedding Day - June 3, 1967

In 1994 I signed Dad up for the Senior Olympics.
He won the gold medal for Bowling.
When he realized that Baseball was one of the events, he wanted to enter that too. I told him to practice for "next year"
Unfortunately, that never happened.