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Hauck Mfg. Company - Brooklyn, NY
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Before enlisting in the Navy Frank Paukstis worked as a welder at Hauck. The Christmas parties were held right in the shop. Only employees attended in those days. The original photos here are 10" by 19." Dad returned to Hauck after the war. We lived right up the street from the factory. In 1963 he moved to Pennsylvania with the company and worked there until retirement in 1982.

Zooming in on the celebrants amid the machinery. Dad, identified by the arrow, must have been one of the "cooks" that year.
Although Dad worked at Hauck in Dec 1941, I did not find any Christmas party photo. Perhaps events of Dec 41 caused cancellation?


I think the rather board or sleepy young man is John Gerdes.
If so, that must be his mother, the owner of the Co. next to him.

Zooming in on another table, the arrow identifies my Dad

Some of the employees were obviously involved in some sort of production as part of the celebration in 1942.

30 years later Hauck had relocated to PA and the employees had ID cards.
No one was concerned with ID theft then as the Social Security numbers were printed right on the cards.