Historical Photos - 1938-1939
Browndale, PA (Frank Paukstis)
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Browndale School Memorial Yearbook
USS Philadelphia

My Dad told me many stories of playing for the Browndale Browns. He was also known as Frank Poska. I'm not sure why.

Nick Stefko (1st base) after hitting a home run.
Joe 'Hup' Zaverle (catcher), Frank Paukstis (CF), Richards (WaterBoy), Joe Yerkovic (2nd base) Bill Gerdine (pitcher)

Unidentified baseball field. That could be St. Anthony's -- the Lithuanian Church in Forest City in the background.
Front: Jackie Rakavec - Row 1: Chubby Orehek, Stanley Rakavek, Louis 'Plueye' Orehek - Row 2: Bedine (2nd from right) Row 3: Eddie Brager, ?, Frank Paukstis, Red Fitzsimmons, Bill Gerdine, John Pesker Browndale Gang

Row 1 - Butch Vozel (2nd from left)
Row 2 (L to R) ?, Bill Gerdine, Bud Rakavec, Frank Zawisky, Frank Paukstis, Red Fitzsimmons, Joe 'Hup' Zaverl
Row 3 (L to R) ?, Cyril Planisec, Bedine, Louis Orehek, Stanley Rakevec

Browndale Gang
Sherocheck's Beer Garden - Frank Paukstis & Chip Harvatine
The 'Browns' baseball team. John Pesker's truck.
Frank Paukstis is 2nd row 3rd from the left.
Browndale Gang Stone Face - about a mile from Browndale -
Carved by a man from Forest City

Adam Cimahosky & Joe Poha Alfie Polesnak - While this is an early school photo, I remember watching Alfie play baseball in Browndale in the 50s. Dad took me to games when we visited from Brooklyn.