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Chief Machinist Mate (CMM) George Anderson Sparks served 30 years in the U.S. Navy beginning in 1917. He served on the USS Philadelphia from October 1940 through March 1944.

The sailor mentioned most often in my Dad's diary is Bernie Kuta. They worked together in the 1st Lieutenant's Office.

Dad was very disappointed that he wasn't assigned to the machine shop since he was a welder by trade. However, the Navy had more welders than men with good typing skills and Dad could type 60 wpm.

When the Philadelphia was home in the USA, Bernie would give up his shore leave to my Dad so Dad and Mom could be together.

Melvin E. Taylor

My dad, Melvin E. Taylor was born and raised in Anniston, Alabama. He joined the Navy in December 1943. As he was not yet 18, his mother signed a release for him. He had his physical at Fort McClellan in Alabama. Next, he went to the U.S. Naval Training Station atGreat Lakes, Illinois. He remembers it being very cold there.

He was transferred to the Philadelphia. It was in dry dock in Malta for the months of May through June of 1944. On August 6, 1944, they went to the boot of Italy for the invasion of Southern France.

After that, they sailed up and down the coast of France looking for enemy ships and drawing their fire.

He was in charge of the Eye division for the duration of his tour on the Philadelphia.One of his good buddies was Don Gillis who was from Pennsylvania. He remembers staying at Donís home one night while they were waiting for orders to leave.

He received an honorable discharge in April 1946 and returned to Anniston where he and my mother, Jewell Frances Miller were married in June, 1946. They had 7 children and eventually moved to Riverside California where Dad still resides. Mom died April 3, 2006. 

Entered by Jeanne Taylor Wyatt
March 28, 2008

Clarence Bedillion
Clarence and Dorothy Bedillion

Norman (last name unknown)
submitted by Howard Ely (at right)
Howard and Edna Ely



At Left,
Alfred J Mussi

Submitted by his granddaughter
Andrea Chesmore

At Right

John (Jack) Crowley

Served on Philadelphia
early 1945 to late 1946

He was a Signalman
while escorting President Truman.


Photo submitted by his son Sean Crowley

Bob Adams
Ira Leon "Lee" Gardner - 1944
Lee & MaryLou Gardner - 1945
Lee Gardner - 2009

Henry (Enrico) J. Marino
Medford, NY
Memory of Salerno
George Coleman - (Aviation Division)
At right: Casablanca 1942
Below: 1945

George Coleman -1945 (Aviation Division)

Who is it?


Who is the artist?


One shipmate with such talent
was Lee E Morgan
His Drawings & Poems