Slovakia - SAS Course (2016)
Agromuseum - Nitra
August 2016
Part of our SAS course was a 3 day excursion around the country
These animals are easy to care for since they are made of stone
The archeological museum explains the history of the region beginning in prehistoric times
Exhibits trace changes to life in the area
through to the 20th century
This is the symbol of bakers
Logos of various beers brewed in the country
The exhibit of fire fighting equipment included this explanation
Students exploring an early general store
This picture caught my eye because the inscription was part of the text of one of the pieces
that I sang as a member of an International Chorus at Carnegie Hall a few months earlier
We visited 2 school rooms of the 1950s
A Roman Catholic School and
a Public (National) School

The complex included a typical house of the 1950s
We had a short stop in the town of Nitra. This is a view of the Cathedral and Bishop's Palace on the hill
At left: A local "sword in the stone" legend

Below: The National Theater with Cathedral in the distance

We spent a more comprehensive visit in 2013

Nitra Visit in 2013