Sambron, Slovakia
April 2012
Šambron (pronouned Shambron) is the ancestral village of my grandmother Katarina Koršnak (Korshnak)

The Church of the Protection of Mary was built in 1875.
My Grandmother Katarina Korshnak was baptised here in 1882.
My uncle Michael Mechock was also baptised here when
in 1904 Katarina and her 1st husband Michael
returned to Sambron for an extended visit.

The interior was renovated in 2008, but much is still original
including a side altar from the 16th century.
It also contains items sent by families in America to their ancestral village

The parish priest allowed me to take photos of the interior,
but requested that I not post them.
I am respecting his wishes and those pictures are only in my family album.

Adding new family records during our visit.

I met many Korshnak relatives in Sambron
and learned about many more.

Their photos are now in my family album