Eastern Europe and My Search for Roots Index
108 years after my grandmother Katarina Korshnak (Korsnakova) emigrated to America, I've finally returned to find her village.
In 1900 Sambron was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Today it is back where it belongs in the Slovak Republic.

This is the location of my grandmothers house, but not the same building. The village was destroyed during WWII
I knew that the buildings had been rebuilt since WWII, but I wanted to see the land that my grandmother would have seen

I knew that the graves of my family members had been destroyed by the bombardment of WWII,
but I did find some family names in the cemetery (Korsnak & Dula) even if they are not related to me.
Micak was the family name of my grandmother's first husband. I only recently learned that he was also born in Sambron.
As we left Sambron we traveled through the villages of Bajerovce and Krasna Luka a few km away.
It was on the websites of Americans seeking their roots in these 2 towns that I first found mention of Sambron.
So I wanted to see these villages as well. This is certainly a beautiful land.