Vienna 2012
Photos from our visit in 2008 are HERE - We saw many different sites this time.

We began our 30 day European Vacation with 3 days in Vienna
Our hotel was across from the United Nations Center
overlooking the old branch of the Danube.

We attended Mass in this very modern Catholic Church
The liturgy was not in German but in Tagalog for the Philippino congregation
Monument to the End of the Plague
Belvedere Palace
St Stephen's Cathedral
Art Museum
Covert message of resistance during WWII on the Cathedral wall
Mass was in progress during our visit.

2 trips to Vienna and we still didn't visit the interior of the building at left.

We left the tour group to sightsee on our own.

We like to wander around and see things that
often aren't of interest to the general population.

We also browsed through an Easter Market where I bought the 1st of my 8 scarves. They are very popular here and most useful.

Below are Roman ruins
The Military Museum
Mozart's Grave
Schoenbrun Palace
The Easter Market
The Technology Museum


After a LONG walk and a bus ride we finally found the Military Museum
A huge collection from Medieval to Modern times. More Photos Here
Not many tourists took this "shortcut" to the old cemetery
But we finally found Mozart's Grave
Schoenbrun Palace: More Photos Here
Easter Market at Schoenbrun

The Technology Museum (near Schoenbrun)
Quite a collection (More photos here)
Finally back in central Vienna: This train station was designed by an artist
Street musicians are a common sight
Karlskirche where you take an elevator to the top of the dome
To see the frescoes up close
The open elevator was kind of scary
But the view was great
A return trip for ice cream at Schwedenplatz