Ancient Troy - Turkey (2022)
Its History, Museum and Excavation

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"Listen to the Wind and the Stories this Peninsula will Tell You"

Once the Ancient City of Troy was considered a Myth based on Homer's Epic Poem The Iliad
This is no longer the case as decades of excavation and research have discovered

Our Day in Troy began in the architectural splendor of the Archeological Museum
Where the artifacts discovered are displayed in their historical context

Click HERE or either photo below for a complete tour of the museum

The hours spent in the museum provided an excellent preparation and historical perspective
for our tour of the excavation itself

The Entrance to the Site is marked by a Replica of the Trojan Horse
There is another Trojan Horse in the city of Canakkale which was used in the movie "Troy

Click HERE or the photo below for our pictures of our exploration of the site
which follows the path marked in the picture above
After our day in ancient Troy, we boarded our ship in Canakkale

And set sail to our next destination - Istanbul