Fort de France - Martinique (France)(2022)

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Martinique is a rugged Caribbean island that is an overseas region of France
Its culture reflects a distinctive blend of French and West Indian influences.
Fort-de-France. its largest town, is surrounded by steep hills
Greeted by a Rainbow
and Dancers in Native Dress
The title of our tour was "Historical Martinique

Driving up into the hills, this is a very GREEN landscape

This Botanical garden contains exotic plants
from around the world,
a treetop walkway & mountain views.

A rainforest hike leads to a summit where you can view
the Caribbean and the Atlantic at the same time

Such an excursion must wait for a future visit

Our destination today is a RUM distillary


Mountain streams of pure water serve the city below
People often collect containers of it directly
from the source
The view from the peak today may be shrouded in fog
We have arrived at the site of the DePaz Rum Distillery
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Our next stop was the town of St Pierre founded in 1635 by Pierre Belain d'Essnambuc
Before 1902 it was the most important city of Martinique both culturally & economically
It was called "The Paris of the Caribbean"
It was totally destroyed by the eruption of Mt Pelee in 1902
Click HERE or either picture below to see how St Pierre looks today
Back in Fort de France
Time to board our ship again

A beautiful Caribbean sunset as we sailed to our next port