Sailing the Caribbean - Dec 2022
Aboard the Wind Surf - 5 Masted Yacht
with our 21 year old granddaughter

A Video Summary

Raising the Sails - DAY - Night
Carrie Sailing Lesson One - Two - Three
Ship Marina Platform One - Two
Carrie on Paddleboard

We flew to St Martin / St Maarten (French/Dutch)
to board the Wind Star Wind Surf
Our Itinerary is at right
The crew posed for their annual Christmas photo

3 Ports in the British Virgin Islands were next on our itinerary
Virgin Gorda - British Virgin Islands
Our destination on Christmas Morning was "The Baths"
"The Baths" - a unique geological formation of huge bolders as large as 40 feet in diameter
that descend from a hill down to the beach at Devils Bay in the SW tip of Virgin Gorda
The beach is accessible via 2 routes
After Visiting the Baths, there is still more to do at Virgin Gorda
BBQ on the Beach at Prickly Pear Island

Back to St Maarten to fly home
BUT FIRST - Let's crew a racing yacht that won the America's Cup in 1987
Our yacht is the "Stars and Stripes" - We will race Canada's "True North IV"