Onboard the Wind Surf (2022)
December 2022
Calm Seas this evening BUT Sometimes - Angry Sea video
Videos from Carrie's deck 1 cabin - ONE - TWO - THREE

So many choices - Food on separate page
This is the orginal wheel from where the captain once steered the ship
Today this is done from a technologically advanced bridge
Passengers are allowed to visit the bridge which we did one evening
Leaving St Maarten
Sailboats are "America's Cup" yachts
We raced in 2021 & again at the end of this cruise
Other cruise ships in St Maarten
Carrie is "21"

St John's, Antigua is our first port

Captain Simon Terry commanded the
Star Legend when we sailed earlier this year

He remembered us, maybe because of Joe's
accident and 12 stitches in his foot?

Here he is introducing the crew

Celebrating Carrie's Birthday
Relaxing on Deck
"Candles" Restaurant on deck in the evening
Other ways to relax at sea

Ursula, our new friend from Portugal
Using our onboard credit for a new hat
Matching T-shirts from the final day sale in the boutique using our onboard credit