March 2019
Venice Malta

My main goal in visiting Malta was to walk in my Dad's footsteps 75 years later
However, we also learned much more of the history of this beautiful island and
saw sites that Dad did not see (mainly because 75 years produces a lot of changes)
Dad wrote in his diary about the island of Malta
His ship was docked across the Grand Harbor
and repaired where the cranes can be seen
The USS Philadelphia was damaged badly at Anzio

This photo was taken from our balcony
of the Grand Harbor Hotel

A View from the Upper Barrakka Gardens over the Saluting Battery which guarded the Grand Harbor
In 1944 my Dad's ship, the USS Philadelphia was moored in the main harbor to the left
and repaired in the shipyard on the right where the oil rig now stands
Lascaris Rooms (WWII Tunnels)