My Technology Programs

Introduction and Background

"News as it Happens"
In the summer of 2001 a 50 year old tradition nearly came to an end. Our high school newspaper "The Lasso" was threatened by 4 factors: a budget crunch, low enrollment, lack of faculty sponsorship and stale news. Since I truly believed that every high school needed a published student voice, I proposed an online version with the following goals:

  • To publish news in a timely manner
  • To continue the high quality of writing
  • To produce a web site easy to navigate and maintain
  • To archive all stories
  • To use lots of pictures

With an average of 1000 hits per week our audience has grown to include students, parents, staff, alumni and the community. I was co-sponsor of this student activity.
Visit the Lasso Online Archive as it existed 2001-2007 at:

Lasso Online continues in capable hands after the retirement of Michael Hoover and myself. The current version is available through the GMHS website

Girls On-Line
One of the great disappointments in my educational career has been the under-representation of girls in our high school technology courses. To reach girls when they are most impressionable, I designed a 2 week summer program for rising 6th, 7th and 8th graders.

Web Design and Layout
I designed this 2 week summer program to allow middle school students to create and post content to the web both individually and in a collaborative environment.

Technology Counts
Education Week magazine annually publishes "Technology Counts" a spotlight on educational technology issues and trends. My students and I were lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. My husband says that they captured my "best side". The students recorded the moment digitally here:

The Interactive Classroom
From 2005 - 2007 we introduced "SchoolPads" and i-Panels which have the potential to transform classroom interaction.