Instructional Technology:
My Personal Philosophy

The technology infused classroom is a very special place. While learning has always been possible and will continue to be possible without access to technology, its presence changes the environment of students and teachers in a fundamental way.

A technology enhanced classroom:

  • Increases student motivation
  • Promotes cooperation and collaboration
  • Creates a shared learning space 
  • Allows differentiation of instruction
  • Expands access to resources 
Education must continue to evolve to reflect reality. One book per student was once a revolutionary idea. Some predicted disaster upon the introduction of the ball point pen. Necessary life skills are continuously changing. Teachers strive to instill in their students the enthusiasm for becoming lifelong learners. Incorporating technology in one's curriculum creates an opportunity for teachers to model that behavior themselves.

"In times of change, learners inherit the earth,
while the learned find themselves perfectly equipped
for a world that no longer exists." - Eric Hoffer