Historical Photos - 1938-1939
NYA Camp - Great Bend, PA
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After graduation from high school in the middle of the Depression (1935) and working in Binghamton, NY in construction, my Dad Frank Paukstis enrolled in the National Youth Administration program in Great Bend, PA. It was here that he trained as a welder.
Frank Paukstis and Lefty DeLuca
School at NYA Camp - Paukstis and Dirk Boyle
Rupert and DeLuca  
Gerald Rupert and Frank Paukstis
Frank Paukstis, NYA President
Gerald Rupert, NYA Vice President
Rupert, ?, Paukstis, Boyle, ?
Gerald Rupert and Frank Paukstis Rupert, ?, Paukstis, Boyle, ?
"4 squad leaders at NYA camp
Paukstis, Guy Nichols, Cobb, Brown

Frank with Tony Dirk from Browndale  
Frank Paukstis at "Piggy Back Hill" 1938 Lombardo and Paukstis
Murray and Gerald Rupert Gerald Rupert
"Putting up the 1st truss for the gymnasium. It burned down after 1 year. The Penthouse at NYA Camp
NYA Camp - 1938