Sept 2011 Columbus
It's been 28 years since we lived here, but I still feel a connection for the place where we raised little children
This was our house. We planted the trees as little sticks
The entryway was added by the new owners

'Karen's tree' was just a twig when we planted it

Both Karen & the tree had grown by 1992
when she returned to run the Columbus Marathon
She qualified for Boston with a 3:26!

This is how it looked in Dec 1975
when it had been growing for over 2 years.
It's hard to tell it's a blue spruce.

Karen was 3 and Jeanne was 6

The trees hide the house pretty well from this angle
The trees are gone from the right side of the driveway
View from the side
Friends and Neighbors Frank and Peg
Just like the old days with Pat and John
This used to be Fishinger School. Jeanne was in the last class to finish 6th grade here. It closed in 1980.
Karen started Kindergarten here in 1976 but switched to St Andrews when the decision was made to close Fishinger.
Now it's the private Wellington School.
The Kindergarten had a separate building and playground
We spent a great deal of time at this location way back when
This is where we would enter Lucy Chu's piano studio
She's still teaching and still looks the same