CL-41 Tribute Home

USS Philadelphia - CL-41
Memories of Shipmates

Memories of Shipmates
(From Reunion Brochures of Dan O'Conner)

"Beachhead Roundup - How an Aviator Captured 150 Italian Soldiers"
(by George Brucia)

"And We Were There" - Escorting President Truman to Potsdam
and the Atomic Bomb Announcement
(by Russell Simpson)

"As I Remember" - The Early Years of the Philly 1938-1941
(by Ralph Winant)

Random Thoughts (1938-1941) (pdf format)
(by Ralph Winant)

The Philly & The Brooklyn - "Don't Get Mad, Get Even"
(by George Brucia)

Memories of Salerno
Henry (Enrico) J. Marino

Memoirs of Don Passoth - Marine Aboard the Philadelphia

Memories of Aviators Lost (by Russell Simpson)



Wartime Diaries
My Dad - Frank Paukstis

Robert Nixdorf

Daniel J Hartrey

Gerard C Rozett


This research was done by Tony Morgan for his aunt Velna Rose in memory of her husband Jack Boyd Morgan