CL-41 Tribute Home

USS Philadelphia
Remembering Fr. Daniel J. Burke, S.J
and his Messages to Shipmates

These are messages to shipmates written by Chaplain Daniel J. Burke, S.J.
At first I thought these were letters, but crewmembers have told me that he read them to the crew over the ship's loudspeaker.
They are transcribed from the originals in my father's album.. I believe that my Dad typed these addresses for Fr. Burke.

21 October 1944 - "Remember When"

20 March 1944
("Water, water, everywhere and not a drop to drink")

22 March 1944
(Vesuvius facts for "your grandchildren")

23 March 1944
(Sub emergency and censorship information)

24 March 1944
(Vesuvius, magazines, editorial, mothers' prayer)

25 March 1944
("Be tolerant of other nations, highly critical of yourself
and for Pete’s sake be yourself ashore")

23 September 1944
(History of 5 Ships Named PHILADELPHA)

Prayer at the Graves of Lost Airmen

Shipboard News

Fr. Burke was born in 1902 and grew up in the North Bronx. He attended Regis H.S. on the East Side of Manhattan. In 1920 he joined the Society of Jesus at the old novitiate of St. Andrew-on-Hudson in Poughkeepsie NY. His philosophy studies were made 1923-26 at Weston College in Weston MA. He taught for three years at Loyola School in Manhattan and studied theology from 1929 to 1933 at Woodstock College in Maryland. He was ordained a priest in its chapel on June 21, 1932.

1935 to 1940: Prefect of Studies (Principal) of his alma mater, Regis H.S.
1940 to 1942: Taught at St. Joseph's High School in Philadelphia.
1942 to 1945: Navy service aboard the USS Philadelphia.
1946 to 1951: Taught at Fordham University and served for a time as Dean of the down-town business school.
1951 to 1960: Administrator of the Jesuit residence and Prefect of St. Ignatius Church.
1960 to 1962: Gave the Spiritual Exercises at Inisfada Retreat House on Long Island.
1962 to 1969: Served in St. Ignatius Church in Brooklyn and also taught religion in the Jesuit high school there (Brooklyn Prep)
1969 to 1971: Directed the Development Office at Loyola School.
1972 to 1981: Served in local parishes and helped to cover the spiritual needs of Goldwater Hospital on Roosevelt Island.

Fr. Burke died on October 19, 1981 in the Jesuit residence on 83rd St. in Manhattan. His funeral was held in St. Ignatius Church. He is buried in the Jesuit cemetery at the Shrine of the North American Martyrs in Auriesville NY.

Source of Biographical Information: Fr. Frederick O'Brien, S.J. (Archivist, Jesuit New York Province)

(Prayer card provided by George Brucia)