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USS Philadelphia

Operation Husky, June 10, 1943
Events of the that day resulting in the loss
of a Philly scout plane
have been documented in an article
by researcher Jan Bos.

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On August 21, 1944 one of the ship's planes was shot down with the loss of both crewmembers,
Lt. James Cahill (pilot) and William H. Ryan (Radioman)

Memorial Day 2009

Family members of William Ryan visited his grave in the Rhone American Military Cemetery (Draguignan, France)

Lois Heist is the niece of Bill Ryan, and the daughter of Dr. Larry Ryan. Larry and Ken were Bill’s brothers, and attended several reunions of the Cruiser Philadelphia.

The photo at left was provided by George Brucia, a member of the Aviation Division. William Ryan is top left with his hands in his pockets.





Recipients of the Distinguished Flying Cross - November 1943
First Row: Shafer, F. Gibson
Second Row: Tavernier, Hogg, Fierstein, Meshanec, Lawry, Ryan, Ramsey
From Album of Doc Rountree - Recovering a Philly Scout Plane

The following picture is a Navy Archive photo and identified as the recovery of a SOC-2 off North Africa in 1942.
Philly Aviator Takes Prisoners
(Article submitted by Pat Fisher)
Naval Gunfire Support of Amphibious Operations: Past, Present, and Future ( Donald M Weller, Major General, USMC (Ret))
Prepared for Naval Sea Systems Command and Headquarters, USMC
Naval Surface Weapons Station, Dahlgren, VA
Approved for Public Release, October 1977

full text (pdf format)