CL-41 Tribute Home

SSN-690 The Sixth Ship of the Fleet to Bear the Name Philadelphia
The plaque below states
" May This Vessel Serve Our Benefactors to Fulfill Our Forefathers Aspirations"

On June 24, 2010 the day before her deactivation, I carried mementos of the WWII Cruiser Philadelphia (CL-41)
on to our tour of the Submarine Philadelphia (SSN-690)

Onboard we discovered plaques commemorating
the historical connection of these ships of the fleet.
We had a great tour with input from current crew and veterans back for the reunion/deactivation

I should have gotten a cake photo a bit earlier
A great, impressive visit all around!

Update on SSN-690
She departed SUBASE for Portsmouth VA, 08 July, and arrived there 21 July after some cruising around, and was placed in commission in reserve (ICIR) 19 August. Strip ship commenced that day, and the rods were plled for the last time on 29 June 2011, officially decommissioning and striking her from the register. With industrial work completed and being made ready for tow she departed there in June 2012, enroute to Bremerton WA via the canal arriving there in September. She is scheduled for SRP 01 October 2016, with possible donation of sail to be displayed at Penn's Landing in Philly.
(Information provided by Ron Reeves)