CL-41 Tribute Home

USS Philadelphia (CL-41)
50 years of Reunions (1964-2013)

Let us have a look back at those years and review our lives aboard that great ship. The “Galloping Ghost” will live forever because the oil burned for power was her life blood, her guns were the muscle, but most important was her spirit. This rested in the hearts and souls of those who served so proudly aboard her.

Today, these hearts and the memories are all that remain of a once powerful and menacing war machine. Our hope is that we keep her memory alive—the good times and the many scary times when God surely watched over and protected us. - George Brucia, 1993

Now through technology we can keep the memories alive.
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17th Annual Reunion

U.S.S. Philadelphia

Portland, Maine

September 14 to 21, 1980

Quite a Crowd in San Diego in 1981 (contributed by Gary Ridenour and confirmed by George Brucia)

Frank Amoroson - 1983

25th Annual Crew Reunion
Sept. 25 to Oct. 1, 1988
Scottsdale, Arizona

U.S.S. Philadelphia CL-41 Association

29th Annual Reunion

September 13 to 20, 1992

Huntington Beach, CA

Bill Murphy - September 1997
Who would have thought over 55 years ago that today we would be called "the greatest generation"? At that time, we were just doing our part for freedom; young men entering the armed forces and young women entering the mills and factories. We were children of the great depression just filling the next chapter of our lives. We moved from war to suburbia to marry and raise children. Our lives moved forward with little thought of what we had done.
- Bill Murphy, 1999

Ahoy, U.S.S. Philadelphia Shipmates,

I request permission to come aboard to meet with friends of yesteryear and
honor those now sailing with the Lord.

Many years have now since past since our Ship put out to sea with a crew so
strong and proud, determined to keep our country free.

Our service will never be forgotten. We are now all part of history.
I stand proud to let the Navy know what my Shipmates mean to me.

Thank you to Dan and Vera O'Connor and Dot Kelly
who saved these brochures throughout the years,