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USS Philadelphia - CL-41
Inspections and Events Onboard

I recovered these images from negatives (labeled 1945 USS Philadelphia) saved by Joe Kiskel, Livingston NJ
and provided to the Philadelphia Association by his son Keith

This envelope containing these negatives was labeled "Ceremony on Ship"

The sailor on the extreme left is my Dad Frank Paukstis
He is in the front row because he was a yeoman who accompanied the Captain on inspections and typed reports and addresses to the crew
Although a welder by trade, the navy had more men who could weld than could type 60 words per minute
These negatives were labeled "Captain's Inspection 11 October"
Information on the website lists October 11 1945 as the day of "Change of Command"
when Captain Berry took over command from Captain Boller
Inspection of unidentified date
Envelope of these negatives said "Admiral Byant Coming Aboard 27 September 1945"
While I do not see an admiral in the photos, Admiral Carleton.F.Bryant is listed in the history of the Philadelphia
After the collision with the Laub in May 1944 and repairs at Malta,
she joined Admiral Bryant's Task Force Group for the invasion of Southern France
I welcome any additional information.
Another unidentified event (Negatives packet states "Officers and Launch")
I think this is the visit of Admiral Carleton F Bryant to the Philadelphia
"Officers and Launch" Perhaps these were the officers that accompanied the Admiral?
Philadelphia Men Being Discharged
If anyone has additional information, identification or corrections regarding the above photos
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