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USS Philadelphia - CL-41
England - Summer 1945

I recovered these images from negatives (labeled 1945 USS Philadelphia) saved by Joe Kiskel, Livingston NJ
and provided to the Philadelphia Association by his son Keith
What are all these sailors watching?
They are watching the USS Augusta

The USS Augusta in Plymouth England flying both the Presidental and Royal flags
The USS Philadelphia escorted the Augusta with President Truman and other officials aboard to the Potsdam conference
The following background information is from the Diary of my father Frank Paukstis
August 2, 1945
We went to quarters at 08:30. We were supposed to man the rail when the president or King arrived but the English don’t have enough men on the Renown to man the rail so it’s been decided to fall in at quarters and break all rules by saluting in rank. This is for the King and President only.
About 0930 the King goes by the farther end of the Bay in a motorboat to the Renown escorted by the other boats & Barges. We all stood stiff even though he was almost a mile away. The President came about a half hour later. We then waited for the President to leave the Augusta to have lunch with the King of England on the Renown. We were falling in and out of quarters every time a boat left the Augusta. No one seemed to know just when old Harry was going to disembark

Finally after all the rigamaroll, we notice the Augusta crew falling in at quarters. Well we all knew for sure the President was getting set to make the historic visit with the King of England.

Additional pictures of this historic episode are also on the website at this link Escorting-Truman.htm
The motor launch described in my Dad's diary is in the photo below
The Philadelphia and Augusta received these orders:
The Commander-in-Chief desires to return to the U.S. in all possible haste
On August 6, 1945 the crew learned the reason for the top speed with Truman's radio address to the nation
"And We Were There" (Memory document of Russell Simpson)
In September 1945 The Philadelphia returned to England as part of Operation Magic Carpet - bringing our troops home

Pep talk before voyage to Southampton (1 September 1945)
Captain Boller commanded the Philadelphia at that time

Dock at Southampton England - September 1945
Job Charles Dyas, Mayor of Southampton tours the Philadelphia with other civilians
(I found the mayor's name on the website of Southampton)
Captain Boller and officers greet Mayor Dyas
Other unidentified civilians were in the Mayor's party touring the ship
At least 3 women were included in the group

The Philadelphia escorted the Europa (image below) carrying troops home to the USA
This event is also documented on the website
45-09-09? England Europa Casuals Shipment RE6040-8, escorted by cruiser U.S.S. Philadelphia
(arrived) New York, NY 45-09-24

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