The Old Neighborhood in Brooklyn
South Brooklyn bordering Park Slope

To see how the neighborhood looked in the 50s, check our my Index of Historical Photos

192 11th Street where my parents & I lived on the 2nd floor until 1957
The Pisano family lived on the 1st floor
The landlord lived on the 3rd floor.
I think the street is looking pretty good.

On 4th avenue looking toward the bridge on 10th St
Mom & me in about the same location in 1948
This used to be an auto supply store even back in the 50s.

The large building 2nd from the corner used to be the
"Greater New York Savings Bank." Now it's a group of retail stores.

St Thomas Aquinas was a center of our lives back then
The school is now part of the NYC Public School System
The Interior of the Church looks just as I remember it.
The altar of St Jude was important to my family

From church brochure:
We wish you peace and God's blessings
as you leave the tranquility of our church.
For over a hundred years, our beautiful church building has been an oasis of peace amid the bustle of our urban environment.
The doors of our church are open all day as a symbol that ALL are welcomed to enter and pray!!