The Old Neighborhoods in Brooklyn
Bay Ridge

In 1957 my parents bought this house in Bay Ridge. This block is looking good also.

It looks like the windows have been replaced, but the iron fence that my Dad built in still in place. It's lasted over 50 years.
Dad was quite a skillful welder

Most of the kids in the neighborhood attended the Catholic school.
It's still in operation.


Unlike St. Thomas Aquinas in South Brooklyn, St Ephrem's was locked so I couldn't take pictures inside. The statue of St Ephrem that I remembered has been replaced by the statue of Jesus

The Verrezano Bridge across the Narrows. We used to walk down to Shore Road and watch the construction
Fireboats opposite Ft Hamilton were participating in some kind of salute along with an event in progress at the Fort.
We drove from here onto the Belt Parkway to drive to Queens