Vienna (2015)
Summer 2015
6 Countries
Karlskirche in Karlsplatz is not the most famous church in Vienna, but it does have the most unique interior view
Our apartment was around the corner and from our terrace we could see the church dome

After the ceiling frescoes were restored,
access was left in place
to allow tourists a close up view
of the result.



Grandson Steven at St Stephens Cathedral in the center of the city
By law no building can be built higher than its spire
Walking around Old Town Vienna
The State Opera House

Monuments to Vienna's musical history are throughout the city

Excavation of Roman Ruins in the City Center
Schoenbrun Palace is located about 20 miles outside the city

The Vienna Technical Museum is within walking distance of Schoenbrun Palace
Belvidere Palace is now an art museum
A View of Vienna with St Stephan's Cathedral in the distance
Carnuntum is a archeological excavation and reconstruction of a large Roman city outside of Vienna
There is access by train. The first stop at the location is worth the time. Not much to see at the next 2 stops.
Gladiator training school
The city has a different atmosphere at night

Music is everywhere, even in the most unexpected places

Stars on the pavement document musical history