Paris (2015)
Summer 2015
6 Countries
Our first stop in Paris, a sidewalk cafe, one of several we visited during our visit.
If people were smoking we would find a table inside where smoking is prohibited
Our first stop was the Louve which was only a short walk from our apartent
When when visiting in the evening extend hours there were no crowds
Winged Victory

We visited the Louvre TWICE seeing the expected popular exhibits as well as some not usually part of the quick tours
More Photos are HERE
The Seine was a short walk from our apartment making it easy to view the iconic buildings and locations
Below Notre Dame is the Archeological Museum which traces the centuries before and during which the cathedral was built
After a break there was much more to see
Like the Military Museum which includes Napoleon's Tomb

The D'Orsay Museum was a spur of the moment choice.
The architecture and works of art were most impressive

The Palace at Versailles

The Hall of Mirrors
Arc d'Truimph
View from the top (zoomed in)

Walking back down to the street


And the view from below

The Citroen Store - a 6 story slide
Walking through the streets of Paris and sailing on the Seine

Back in our apartment