Bratislava Castle (2016)
August 2016
The fortress castle overlooking the Danube has a history that spanned 2 centuries
It was the main castle of the Kingdom of Hungary from 1531 - 1783
In 1740 Maria Theresa became Queen and established this as a royal residence
When we first visited in 2008, there wasn't much to see
beyond the the outer structure. Years of neglect during the Communist years left it in a state of disrepair.
Intensive renovation began that same year
Each time we returned to Bratislava the progress
of the renovation was evident
This year we spent several hours here with our classmates
Today restored buildings and gardens remind us of the splendor of the earlier Imperial Age
The view from the castle hasn't changed. From here you can see Austria and Hungary as well as a residential area of Bratislava
A model of the castle in the museum
The interior of the castle is now open to visitors from the heights
down to the depths
The museum has paintings depicting the castle during the height of its importance to the empire
Artifacts include traditional designs
and carved chests for storing and transporting valuables
Mirrors reflect the gilded trim of the hallways and stairways

This was our first visit to the restored music room

This bronze statue of Svatopluk was erected in 2010

While he is remembered as the greatest king
of the Great Moravian Empire,

the choice was not without controversy.

The unveiling was accompanied by protests
as to the choice of subject as well
as the committee responsible for its creation