Lutherstadt Wittenburg
Worlitz Palace (2015)
October 2015
1 month in Europe
Wittenburg is Martin Luther's city (Lutherstadt) This is the house where he lived with his wife and children
The statue at left is Luther's wife Katarina, a former nun.

Since the house was once a monastery, historical photos remain

Many churches and historical building have been preserved in the center of the city
This is a town well where finally after many protests clean water was made available to the people. Previously the water system pumped clean water only to those homes where the owners could afford to pay for it
This is the door where Martin Luther posted his "95 Theses"
They are recreated here as a memorial
Nearby Wittenburg is the Worlitz Palace
St Mary's Church on the palace grounds
A lake with gondola and building in the Greek style
When touring the palace, guests are requested to wear these slippers

The rooms of the palace have a "lived in" look

although only a very tiny percentage of the population

was able to "live" in such luxury.