Seldom Seen Prague (2015)
October 2015
1 month in Europe
This is our 4th visit to Prague - one of our favorite cities
We have visited all the main tourist sites before, some multiple times.
Summer 2008 - December 2014 - Summer 2015 (with family)
This trip we sought out places somewhat off the beaten path
This is a family run restaurant with traditional Czech music and dancing
and a very unusual method of service wine -
squirted long distance through a thin hose
Coming upon the Charles Bridge from the west side of the river
On a rainy day some sculptures we hadn't seen before

John Lennon? The pub was named because of the protest wall where "anti-Communist" slogans and art were painted.
The government was unable to destroy or paint over it because it was on the property of the Knights of Malta
The church and cemetery of the Knights of Malta
The contrast between unrestored and restored buildings
The Charles Bridge without tourists? An effect of the rain.
The top floor of this building was our apartment in July

While others waited for the noon performance of the astromonical clock,
we went to lunch at one of our favorite restaurants

We knew it would fill up fast because it's popular with locals

This monument to the sacrifices of WWI was on our way back to our hotel
All 4 sides were distinctive
Within walking distance of our hotel was the original fortress of Prague
Although obscured by the haze, the more famous and most visited fortress and cathedral are visible in the distance
Some serious walls once guarded the city on this section of the river
The grounds contain sculpture of famous people in Czech history

The National Cemetery contains some impressively ornate tombs of important Czechs and their families.

This is the composer Dvorak

This round chapel is the oldest building in Prague

The view of the city with some landmarks noted

The walk back down along the fortress walls