Potsdam - Wannasee(2015)
October 2015
1 month in Europe
On the bus ride to Potsdam we crossed the "Bridge of Spies" - the location where operatives were exchanged during the cold war
In July-Aug 1944 President Truman traveled to Potsdam, Germany to meet with Churchill and Stalin to discuss the plans for post-war Europe.
During the conference Churchill lost the election and was replaced by the Prime Minister of the opposition party.
The photo on the left, President Truman and Secretary of State Byrnes on the way to the conference, is part of the exhibit
The closeup on the right, taken from a different angle is included in my Dad's WWII album. He documented his photos with stickers.
Truman is on the USS Augusta. The escort ship in the distance is the USS Philadelphia where my Dad served from 1943-45
On the hastily ordered return trip to the USA (Aug 6, 1945) Truman announced the bombing of Hiroshima.
That was Dad's last diary entry - "I guess they won't need me in the Pacific after all"
This lovely, peaceful location near Potsdam has a sinister history

Here on Jan 20, 1942 representatives of the SS and other Nazi ministries developed the Wannasee Protocol documents which detailed and clarified the plan to murder all European Jews as well as coordinate the active participation of Germany's public administration in the genocide

Joseph Wulf (at right) was instrumental in the creation of this site which combines the memorial and educational aspects of history to keep in front of the eyes of succeeding generations what can happen when we succumb to an atmosphere of division and hatred