Munich (2015)
October 2015
1 month in Europe
This palace of the noble family that once governed the city is now state owned.
However, the last descendant of the family still has an apartment here and walks the grounds regularly greeting visitors
A lake is part of the complex
All the ducks in a row!
Sites of the city
Including the famous glockenspiel
We arrived on a special day - The annual "long night of the museum"
Here we are buying our tickets.
Later that night we met this woman again outside of a museum
Our first stop was the museum of science and technology
(A favorite of ours in ALL European cities)
Photos of our visit to this museum are HERE
During this special annual museum celebration visitors were provided transportation between venues in classic cars.
We visited the Munich Museum of Modern Art with friends
More photos of this museum are HERE
This is the church where we attended Mass. The celebrant was a priest of African descent who spoke German
The town market
The medieval city gate restored since WWII
There was an exhibit of photographs of the wartime destruction
Including the condition of the gate at that time
Interesting sculpture on a shopping street
My favorite sandwich whenever I travel in Europe
Historical buildings on our walk through the city
The famous Hofbrau where we had dinner with friends
A memorial sculpture in the city of the city
A modern sculpture on the outskirts