Meissen (2015)
October 2015
1 month in Europe
Our ship docked in Meissen at the foot of this impressive castle
This city is most famous for its porcelein. We had a tour of the factory including demonstrations of the process
The shop offered a variety of pieces for sale
The museum contained thousands of items

Artwork done in porcelein
These are 2 of my favorite pieces
If I bought one, I would have to stop traveling

Although water levels on the Elbe are currently very low. This was not always the case.
On our walk to the town center our cruise director Katarina show us a high water mark of the recent past

There is a story behind this traditional type of Meissen bread.

While it looks substantial in the photo at left,
when hit with any force, it crumbles since the interior is all air.

These used to be given to workers who delivered porcelein objects

In order to be paid, the bread had to arrive in its solid form

proving that the cargo had been well take care of

Walking up to the castle complex overlooking the river
That's our ship waiting for us to return