A Warning to Tourists
May-June 2013

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“Walking in this area you risk your life”

This is not about crime or violence.  Sailing the Danube to the Black Sea is lovely now that all countries are at peace.  There are beautiful panoramas as long as you avoid falling off a cliff while aiming for the “perfect shot” and stay out of the way of anyone trying to do the same. 


You will see lovely areas in Croatia and Serbia where our tour included home visits with local families. 

Eight of us were treated to a home cooked lunch where the owner told me that he raised the chicken himself.  He spoke little English, but Croatian is a Slavic language so my recent study of Slovak helped me to communicate until we were joined by a translator.

Located on major trade routes (north-south and east-west), this area has been fought over for centuries,
so ancient fortifications are part of the landscape along with churches and mosques. 


You realize that you have crossed into Serbia when the signs are in the Cyrillic alphabet.

Here the guide is explaining the symbol showing that Belgrade is located at the confluence of 2 rivers, the Danube and the Sava.

Serious fortifications are part of the scenery here also



Once these fortifications were needed to defend positions on the river.

Now cyclists (obviously English speaking) are encouraged to travel the route unhindered.