Romania & the Black Sea
May-June 2013

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We took a "short cut" to the Black Sea in a canal built through Romania

This was a very rural area populated by sheep and "fearless" goats

Finally we reached the Black Sea
Ocean going vessels were a common site
Friends for 50 years
Josef, our hotel manager, helped me practice my Slovak language skills
Our ship docked in the Black Sea port of Constanta
This traditional sailing ship serves as a training facility for cadets
National History & Archeological Museum
The museum features a remarkable slab of mosaic flooring and other artifacts of the Roman Era - MORE PHOTOS HERE
As we toured Constanta, symbols of the city's varied religious history were visible
The Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul
Finally an opportunity to walk on the beach on the shores of the Black Sea
Last stop: Bucharest, the capital of Romania
The Parliament - the "Peoples' Palace" - the 2nd largest building in the world (after the Pentagon)