Hungarian Countryside
May-June 2013

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When you think of Hungary, you think of paprika and we saw LOTS of paprika and paprika products as well as traditional crafts

Both in the museum
and in a recreated 19th century house

Colorful handpainted walls and furniture, religious images, clothing and bedding indicates that
this family enjoyed a better lifestyle than that of those who emigrated to the USA in such large numbers
We saw both common and unusual animals at a farm where old traditions are kept alive
Back to our ship for a short break
and back to the countryside to tour a magnificent cathedral


Catacombs from the Roman Era



Modern declarations of love - lock on a fence - just like in Cologne
Time to explore the town

This large house of worship has had a varied history.

Note both the cross and crescent on top.


The Synagogue is located on a main square

Among all the historical building and statues, some modern activities
were being demonstrated and filmed by a TV station.