Lower Danube
May-June 2013

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In the 1990s after the fall of the Soviet Union, the Danube River through the Balkans was a scene of violence
Now cyclists are invited to tour its length and river cruise ships brings tourists to see this beautiful region, finally at peace
The river is very wide, but narrows suddenly as we approach a gorge
Although beautifully scenic, transversing these water can be trecherous.
Construction of 2 massive locks, the Iron Gates, has helped control the flow of the river
This sailing day was particularly windy
The white blob in the distance is a greenhouse
It is a sparsely populated region
rimmed by rocky crags
A few enjoy riverside living
Roads must be reinforced to minimize rockslides
We are approaching a town
with 2 of 3 towers visible of a submerged castle-fortress
Approaching another gorge
Visibility of oncoming ship traffic is limited
Caves dot the shoreline
A few locals enjoy the water's edge
This lighthouse has been transformed into a church

The Romans invaded this region and controlled it for centuries
This sculpture memorializes King Decebalus
who committed suicide here after the battle was lost.

Eventually the Empire fell apart and the retreating Roman army destroyed the bridge they built.  All that remains is the inscription of Emperor Trajan.