May-June 2013

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In Ruse a war memorial dominates the town square
This statue honors a national hero, however,
the view from another angle produces an unfortunate silouette.
If you are still curious in spite of the warning, click the photo


The parks and gardens are well tended.


I finally found a "Linden Tree" which I was curious about
after reading the novel "The Linden and the Oak"
about life in Rusyn villages 100 years ago.


In the countryside the houses seem to cling to the sides of the cliffs
Churches, castles and Fortifications dominate the landscape

We didn't realize Bulgaria was so popular with tourists.

Many different nationalities were visiting the towns of

Veliko Turnovo and Arbanassi

The "Street of Artists" provided unique and inexpensive products
We felt very welcome even if translations weren't totally accurate

This is a "Fortified House" - a necessity to protect the family from invaders
Religious items and weapons are both displayed
This family was quite well off and had many servants

At a nearby church we heard a concert of Old Slavonic Chant by these 4 cantors.
I recognized the words and music from my grandmother's Rusyn church liturgy
This was a unexpected and surprisingly beautiful location for our 46th wedding anniversary.