Budapest, Hungary
May-June 2013

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Budapest Hungary

The Parliament building is a symbol of the city.


I took this photo from the “Fishermen’s Bastion.” 

Our ship was docked further down the river and I was able to run along that route.


A week later this would not have been possible because of flooding.

Fortunately, after the river crested, central Budapest was spared any damage.


We last visited here in August 2008 and it was over 100 degrees.  This time we had much milder weather and touring was much more pleasant.

It’s a beautiful, historic city including this memorial sculpture

“The Remembrance Tree”

dedicated to the victims of the Holocaust.

The tour guides did an excellent job explaining the history of the region.  However, each guide described the “terrible” result when the treaty ending WWI caused Hungary to give up so much territory.  (They were allied with Germany).  Of course, the people in those territories (Czechs, Slovaks etc) were celebrating their “independence.”

 One’s view of historical events definitely depends on your perspective.