Nijmegan Netherlands(2017)
June 2017
River Cruise
5 Countries
Each evening this bridge provides a memorial to the liberation of the town during WWII
The near side of the town was freed from the Nazis in the fall of 1944, but winter delayed the allied forces access to the far side
Now when the bridge is lighted at night, it is done is a slow sequence at the speed at which the allied tanks progressed over the river in 1945
The old city gate to the main square
where the city market is located
Our cruise director Bjorg demonstrates the proper way to eat herring
High above the city
Walking the liberation route
The names of those killed by the Nazis are listed on the synagogue
Memorial to those who died
An American "wild west" surprise

The "castle" at the lliberation bridge is a reconstruction of the medieval guard post that once stood here. A "knight" is on duty