Enkhuizen, Netherlands(2017)
June 2017
River Cruise
5 Countries
Our captain had to be prepared for all types of navigation
Sometimes we couldn't even see land out in the North Sea

Sometimes we passed through a lock built OVER a highway

Here we are docked in the village of Enkhuizen
We walked around the town. It was a rainy day
We listened to an old man talk about his life


play his concertina

He has been a fisherman for over 40 years

The Zuidersee Open Air Museum
The heritage of the town is reflected in the models

of sailing ships hung from the ceiling of the church

The Zuidersee Museum contains beautiful restored old sailing vessels, period furniture and other artifacts

Traditional bonnets are only seen in museums or culture exhibitions
but people still sail the same type boats
At our home visit we were offered local dessert and liquor

Our hosts explained the hardship they faced under Nazi occupation

during the winter of 1944 where they resorted to eating tulip bulbs