Touring Slovakia (2014)
When not visiting relatives, we explored our heritage in Slovakia
The SNP Bridge over the Danube commonly called the UFO Bridge because of the shape of the restaurant on top

The whimsical side of Bratislava is evident in statues like this
which depicts a local legend

Like most cities in Europe, this is Bratislava's monument
in thanksgiving for the end of the black plague
This monument remembers a modern horror - the Holocaust of WWII

This word means REMEMBER

It is also written on the monument in Hebrew

The horror didn't end with the defeat of the Nazis.
Decades later the Communists destroyed the Jewish Temple
and the entire Jewish Quarter of the city to build a highway

A recreation of the temple was etched on the wall
after the fall of Communisn
A view of the highway leading to the bridge
and the Cathedral where kings and queens were crowned
during the period when Budapest was occupied by the Turks

We stayed in this pension at the back door of the American Embassy
Centrally located, we could walk everywhere

Relaxing at the Green Tree Cafe - Healthy food and fast internet.
The castle on the hill dominates the city
There was a festival on the day we visited
Folk Groups performed traditional songs and dances
Artifacts of the medieval period were accessible to all
This eagle had an American connection
His name was Nixon
The castle well
Scaling the Wall

Flipper Wash is the only laundromat in Bratislava. It opened in 2013
We love Bratislava.
Driving northeast from Bratislava, our first stop was Bojnice Castle
The design was influenced by Neuschwanstein castle in Germany
My grandmother Katarina Korshnak
was born in this village (Sambron) in 1882
The Church in which she was baptized is still standing
This is the view from the cemetery
Stara Lubovna Castle, a few km from Sambon
dominates the landscape
Once noble families owned all the surrounding land and villages
This is the view from the castle including the "Skanzen" (open air museum) below

Artifacts in the castle document medieval times
The Skanzen includes original buildings circa 1900
gathered from the area
I was able to converse and sing with the staff in Slovak and Rusyn.
I congratulated the director (2nd from left) on their wonderful exposition of culture and heritage
As we substituted ourselves in the photo of a historical family
we realized that Carrie had a great resemblance to that little girl of 100 years ago
At the castle and skanzen we observed the lives of the nobility and peasants.
In the town of Stara Lubovna we experienced the lives of the middle class craftsmen and tradesmen in the city museum
The Stara Lubovna region is very close to Poland
Our hotel was right on the border near Ceveny Klastor Monastery
This bridge over the River Dunajec is the border
of Slovakia & Poland
There wasn't any sign to tell us that we shouldn't park here
The medieval town of Bardejov
The original wall of the city is being restored
Sampling traditional pastries
It was important to stop in Svidnik,
the site of the Battle of Dukla Pass in WWII
My cousin Pavel had described what he witnessed as a 10 year old boy in 1944. His village was completely destroyed as the Red Army liberated the area from the Nazis
Spis Castle in central Slovakia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
This ice cave is off the beaten path but well worth the visit