Connecting 3 Generations of Family
in Slovakia (2014)

Gregory Dupkanich emigrated to America intending to earn money to make a better life for his wife and 2 sons in Slovakia.
After his wife died, he married my grandmother Kathryn Korshnak, a widow with 4 children in Forest City, PA
My mother was their only child together. Gregory died in 1935 on a trip to see his family in Slovakia.
Gregory had 15 grandchildren. 14 of them always knew each other.
In 2008 after nearly 70 years of no ccntact (Depression, WWII, Communism), I, grandchild #15 found my relatives.
One purpose of this trip in 2014 was to connect the younger generations on both sides of the Atlantic

We had a wonderful time with relatives here in Bratislava
Joe, who spoke no Slovak, explaining life in Virginia USA
to Vasil, who spoke no English.
Fortunately, Vasil's granddaughter Martina was able to provide translation
Slovak/English language barriers were overcome by speaking French
3 Generations now keep in touch through social media
I wonder what Gregory would have thought about that.

In eastern Slovakia, our ancestral region, we visited more relatives
The City Hall of Medzilaborce
The Andy Warhol Museum in Medzilaborce. Andy's mother was born in Mikova, a nearby village
This mini skanzen (open air museum) reflects our Ruthenian Culture
This Orthodox Church is a landmark in eastern Slovakia
The Church of the Holy Spirit
where in 2012 Joe & I attended
the traditional blessing of the Easter baskets.

Gregory Dupkanich
Katarina Korshnak Mechock Dupkanich, Gregory's 2nd wife
The Church in Habura where Gregory was born
His great granddaughters with the same first name
Jeanne from America and Jana from Slovakia
The Grave of Gregory Dupkanich
Dinner with relatives in Medzilaborce