Around London (2014)
Walking around London gives a different perspective - like channeling the Beatles on Abbey Road
Our flat near Paddington Station was perfect for planning and relaxing
Strolling along the Thames presents a different perspective
St Paul's Cathedral is in the background

The Dome of St Paul's is a well known landmark, one of the few that survived the Blitz during WWII and motivated the people to fight on against the Nazis.

Harry Potter fans recogize the Dome as the hiding place of the "Death Eaters" as they swooped down and destroyed the Millenium Bridge.

We ate several times in these healthy fast food places.

Leadenhall Covered Market was once used as "Diagon Alley"

The Monument to the Great Fire of London
A monument to a modern event - The 2012 Olympic Games
Bangers and Mash in the Theater Distict
Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Lion
Prince Albert's Memorial
Some scenes while running through Hyde Park


The swans are the property of the Queen

They don't mind being photographed


The PBS series "Mr.Selfridge" documents the American businessman
who changed the English retail industy

The store still exists in its original location