Mt Etna, Castelmola, Taormina, Messina
Approaching Messina, Sicily

"We bless you and your city"
Mt. Etna is steaming and it's our 1st stop. Click photo for more pictures
The mountain-top town of Castelmola
So what can you see from here?
Ancient fortifications and the beach below
Mt Etna in the distance still dominates the landscape
Strolling the picturesque streets of Castelmola
At right: The three legged symbol of Sicily and
the lovely restaurant where we had lunch

Below: A cafe famous for its unusual, risque accessories

Above: Strolling and shopping in the town of Taormina
Below: Back in the city of Messina
The famous astrological clock in Messina. Noon is the time to see it "in action"
Overlooking the harbor just before "All Aboard!"