June 2011

First stop for tourists is the Acropolis. Click the photo for more pictures
15 yrs ago I was here wearing the same dress. Now with grandchildren
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Looking down on the Temple of Zeus from the Acropolis
Looking up at the Acropolis from the Temple
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At left:
Looking up at the highest hill in Athens (Lycabettus) from the Acropolis.
The Church of St George is at the top

There's quite a climb to get to the top where you see incredible views
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The Changing of the Guard at the Presidential Palace. Traditional uniforms with modern weapons.

This ceremony has been taking place since 1934
Lunch at a lovely restaurant
View from the restaurant.
The Temple of Hephestos (God of Fire) and surrounding ruins (Agora) are still being excavated
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Protests signs left in place for the daily demonstrations
about the country's economic situation.
No worries! Nikos (privategreecetours.com) took good care of us
and we had an absolutely wonderful day.