July 2012
Our flat is as beautiful as advertised online
View of the Thames from the communal terrace
On our first morning we walked from our flat toward the Tower Bridge passing St Katharine's Docks along the way.

Tower Bridge welcomes visitors to the Olympics
The Rings are raised along with the bridge to let a boat through.
This is an uncommon site.
The Tower of London
A castle with hundreds of years of history

During the 30 min Beefeaters Tour
this entertaining guide explained the history of this impressive site.
We spent 3 hours on our own, walking the ramparts, climbing the towers and viewing the artifacts and exhibits.

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2000 years ago the Queen of the Iceni led a revolt against Julius Caesar
Familiar sites of Westminster
The Churchill Museum and War Rooms: Step back in time
to see how WWII was directed from here.
An original battle map where I can see the pins marking
the Russian advance, including the battle of Dukla Pass in Slovakia
during which my cousins fled their homes into the forest.

Buckingham Palace
Queen Victoria Memorial
On Westminster Bridge on our way to the South Bank
On the South Bank looking back at Westminster
Hardly any line for the London Eye?
There they go! More LONDON EYE Photos
The studio where all 8 Harry Potter movies were filmed
From Diagon Alley to Hogwarts - just amazing!

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Back in London real train stations were used for the Hogwarts Express
where you can push a luggage cart just like in the movies.
Olympic Park: Two weeks until the opening ceremony
Our day in the London Countryside - CLICK HERE for even more photos
Stonehenge: 5000 years old and still a mystery
Arriving early in the morning, we're ahead of the tourist crowds
While Stonehenge is protected from souvenir seeking visitors, you can get up close and personal with stone circles at Avebury
Just avoid the grazing sheep and watch where you step!
Step back in time among the thatched roofs of the Cotswolds
It looks like Hobbits could live here.
The 400 year old village of Lacock
The village, church and cemetery appear to be right out of a Harry Potter movie
2000 years ago Romans built these baths to enjoy the natural hot springs
The Abbey is just visible adjacent to the site.
Looking down
The impressive abbey.
Windsor Castle

Monument to the Great Fire of London
designed by Christopher Wren.

In 1666 the fire destroyed 80% of the city.

It's over 300 steps to the top.
If laid on its side facing east,
the top would hit the exact spot in which the fire began.

A friendly "Bobby" lent his hat to Jacob
Trafalgar Square and the Lord Moon of the Mall Pub

St. Paul's and the Millenium Bridge.
Harry Potter fans recognize this as the scene where the Death Eaters swoop down and destroy the bridge.

The Imperial War Museum. CLICK HERE for more photos.
There was more to see in the British Museum than we realized
CLICK HERE for more photos.
A different view on our last day in London.
Westminster Abbey
We planned to attend the evening service at Westminster Abbey.
Unfortunately, there was a special service for the opening of the Olympics
and advance tickets were required.

Right across the street from our flat - the oldest Riverside pub in London, circa 1520!

Waiting for our flight home at Heathrow Airport
Nice of the BBC to come see us off! Or to greet the thousands of athletes expected since the Athletes' Village opens today at Olympic Park